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vielleict später

Natural ingredients from the production area, craftsmanship that is impossible to imitate and the secret herbal brine – this is the recipe for Appenzeller® cheese.

Every day 900 farmers look after our cows and ensure that they are fed exclusively with rich grass and in the winter with hay from natural meadows.

Every day the farmers bring the freshly milked raw cow’s milk to one of the approximately 50 village cheese dairies, where it is immediately made into cheese. This still occurs in a traditional way today.

Making cheese is still a handicraft. The master cheesemaker assesses the right time instinctively when the curd is suitable for making Appenzeller cheese and fills it into the press mould with the casein.

While the cheese is maturing each wheel of cheese is regularly treated with the secret herbal brine and tested for its quality.

Only after at least three months of treatment with the herbal brine, when it has been given its unmistakable spicy flavour, will it have earned the name Appenzeller® cheese. The longer it matures, the spicier it will taste.

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